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ornamental bites

સોનું ય પહેરો, ને પહેરો ચાંદીય,
પણ ના પેહરો જો સ્મિત મુખે,
તો સમજો એક ઘરેણું હજીય બાકી!

#Ornamental #ઘરેણું #સોનું #ચાંદી #સ્મિત #gold #silver #smile #goodnight #vrajeshable

Being ornamental by thought is absolutely virtue, to pretend so is never. Be pure with heart and attitude, it will reward you in longer course.

I have seen you when the sky was black,
Ornamental clouds had filled the rack.
You too were glittering beneath the cloud,
My voice had called you out aloud.
Like a jwell that shines awhile,
I have seen your tender smile.

I have seen you when the sky was blue,
Ornamental clouds had filled it through.
You were singing the lulaby song,
Tuning over the mettalic bong.
Like a rose which speaks of love,
I have felt you all above...


setting under a tree ..... rejuvenating my life ,for a instance a spontaneous things happend which to think was a sophisticated .
his nostalgic smile ,.
his dazzling look ..,
his kindly heart .. , .
and his love for me , care for me , passasion for me .. stopped me and i started to protracting with him
so just renovated my life .
as life is just ornamental with loved once

Inner beauty never need ornamantion
Mahek parwani

#Ornamental સુશોિભત

जब भी आती उनकी पाती,
तब फिर वह कैसे रुक पाती?
सारे घर को लीपा पोता,
हरदम ऐसा ही था होता।

कल जब फिर आई थी चिठ्ठी,
वह आएंगे परसों,
हर पल उसको लगता जैसे,
बीत रहे हों बरसों।

अकुलाई बैठी दरवाजे,
सुनती थी हर आहट,
पलट-पलट कर निरख रही थी,
घर की नई सजावट।

तभी किसी ने पीछे से आकर,
मूंदी उसकी आंखें,
जड़़ सी हो गई देह,
रुक गई आती जाती सांसें।।


Straight lines Vary only in Length,

and therefore are least #Ornamental .