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Very few persons are capable of thinking of others than themselves. This is the virtue that distinguish them from common persons.


Where do you find your fortune?
Why do you run after planets?

Why do you find luck in hands?
Luck favours those also,
Who have no hands.

You are a creator,
Write your fortune,

Doomed lame without diligance,
Just determine your destination.
- Mahek Parwani

Only children beleive they are capable of everything

people are capable at any time in their lives,of doing what they dream of

"મન મક્કમ છે, ને તન સક્ષમ છે.
બાકી તો સરીતા પણ ક્યાં સાગર થી દુર છે."

"Hand, heart and head,
without No one is capable"


You'll never know what you are capable of,
until you leave your comfort zone!