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Nobody can be a teacher like father.
Nobody can be a friend like father.
Nobody can sacrifice like father
Father's heart is ocean,
You can see your reflection,
But can not measure it's depth.
- Mahek parwani

Relationships are delicate..

They need to be nurtured
with utmost love and care!



21st June is the world yoga day,
Celirate day with yoga and meditation becaus yoga is good for physical health and meditation good for mental health. Today life have utmost required of yoga and meditation.


#Utmost /अधिकतम

विज्ञान हमसे यह कहता है,
कि अधिकतम दर्द,
सिर्फ सोलह सेकंड तक,
ही रहता है।
मगर दर्द,
बहुत पुरानी चोट का,
किसी रिश्ते की खोट का,
रह रह के उभरता है।
दिलाता है याद,
उसी दर्द का, या,
रिश्तों पर पड़े,
बरसों की गर्द का।।

#Utmost અત્યંત

Never make anyone utmost important for yourself, because when they leave you it will give too much grief to you.