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barrier bites

Love can break all barriers!


अब दुनिया से क्यू करूँ विरोध
जब मन को दिल से है विरोध
अब आयिनेमें किसकी है खीज
जब ख़ुद को ख़ुद से #अवरोध

- Hiren Bhatt ( ©એમજ દિલથી)

#અવરોધ #એમજદિલથી #अवरोध #barrier

A #Barrier to Communication is

Something that Keeps Meaning from Meeting....


If you are eager to learn something new, age does not matter

In life, one of the most difficult things to do is to break those imaginary barriers we put in front of ourselves. Due to those barriers, many times you will miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

-Dhruv Harish Rudani (DHR)


#Barrier is just carrier to reach at your career.
Date 08 July 2020