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I just want to go and meet all my readers and give them a warm hug and tell them that
"You are awesome."


When ever I try to fall in love with my " Book "...
My " Mobile " always propose me...😜😉


Little thing matters,
right ?

What draws you to him ?

On a dark night, you stand on the balcony with your loved one 💕.
You admire everything around you.
The stars 🌟, moon 🌙, breeze ✨️, lights... and everything around you. You continue your speech with enthusiasm.

It took you a while to realize that there was no response from him.
When you suddenly turn around, he looks at you in amazement.
You wonder, there are so many things to enjoy around you.
His eyes are only admiring you when all the wonders of nature are around you.

He simply expresses "You are my wonder".

Her chin blushed in embarrassment 😍.

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Best people come unexpectedly....
choose real over perfect....