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More Than Just a Parent: My Father, My First Superhero.

A recent Bollywood film trailer stirred feelings I hadn't experienced in a long time. It perfectly nailed the wonder and reverence children have for their fathers. To me, my father was more than just a parent; he was my first true superhero, surpassing any fictional character.

Inspired by his academic achievements, I wished to replicate his success. Though I struggled with arithmetic and geometry at first, his narrative about getting a perfect score spurred my desire. I dreamed of matching his achievements and having teachers compete for my attention with them. Even his confident calligraphy set an example for my own. One cherished memory jumps out: completing a tough geometry problem and finishing first in my math class.

More than academics, the joy in my father's eyes—a modest nod, a loving grin—became my most valuable prize.

Despite its inadequacies, the movie trailer struck a chord with me because it captured the common infantile loyalty of fathers. It was both touching and heartbreaking, bringing back memories of my childhood when my father was my hero.

Years ago, I saw the film "The Tree of Life," which examines the fluidity of nature, humans, and the universe. The film portrays the father as an unsung hero, akin to the silent backbone of a family, symbolizing discipline and grace.

In Hindu tradition, the word for father comes from the root "पा रक्षणे," which means "protector." This protection goes beyond physical safety to include the fostering of a child's academic, financial, and ethical growth through discipline, example, and, in some cases, strictness. My father exemplified this philosophy as a true "कर्मयोगी" whose passion was unwavering. I believe that our generation sometimes undervalues fathers, not out of a lack of empathy but because they have difficulties expressing their emotions. So, here's to all the unsung heroes in our lives: fathers who mold us, inspire us, and adore us unconditionally. #Fathers ’day


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Chapter-3 is out now:

Now, the "Evolution of Romance" touches on his first major yet overwhelming infatuation; he is so vulnerable and nervous to confront it…


An honest but eternal dilemma!

I can’t believe that a nerdy idiot like me has so many romantic gestures but a gorgeous girl like you, having none. Or aren’t you sharing any? Just remember: I strongly respect brutal honesty over mild diplomacy. So be really forthright with your feelings, not just with words. How’s it possible that your ex wasn’t interested in you? How come a gorgeous girl like you, who’s a couple of years younger, would want to converse with a geeky, boring person like me? It's possible that the ex wasn't interested in the person for reasons unrelated to their physical appearance. Attraction is subjective and not solely based on looks.

Chapter-3 of “The Evolution of Romance" is coming out soon..

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If we reframe today’s scenario as In Ray Bradbury's futuristic novel Fahrenheit 451, reading tendency is declining as a result of society's fixation with television, social media, and technology. Under popular pressure, an authoritarian government issued a directive to destroy literature. These "firemen" rush to destroy any "detected" (found) books, but the occupants, accustomed to cutting-edge entertainment, appear unconcerned.

Like Neo in "The Matrix," fireman Guy Montag starts to doubt this status quo. He finds resonance in the remarks made by a young woman: People are moving so rapidly that if they discover something green, they assume it's grass; if something is pink, it's rose. Nobody stops long enough to look around them with actual observation.

Montag's internal turmoil intensifies as he confronts his society's rejection of critical thought and intellectualism. The educational system produces competent workers but fails to foster original thought and artistic expression. He confides in his commander, who brushes off literature as a cause for concern, saying that people would rather be happy simply than intellectually complex.

Through covert reading, Montag picks up knowledge about politics, history, and the human condition. However, his newfound understanding contradicts his general ignorance, resulting in a fight with his wife and the authorities. He seeks refuge with an ancient book club of folks who believe that reading can help them stay informed and reflective.

"Fahrenheit 451," as the title says it all, is the temperature at which paper burns out of the inside. It represents the brittleness of information and the potent destructiveness of suppression. The book is a warning on the risks of conformity, the need to think for oneself, and the eternal worth of art and literature.

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If the breeze could know my love for you,
I'd let it carry my breath to you..

If water could sense my adoration,
I'd fill every drop with it to quench your thirst..

Listen closely to the birdsong,
and you'll hear my feelings echoing through them..

Touch the morning dew on a rose,
and you'll feel the warmth of my love..

The metro's rhythm, the traffic's pulse,
They all beat with my love for you..

As the wind rustles the leaves,
The trees swing to the tune of my love..

You don't need these elements.
to understand my love, though..

Just listen to my heart,
It speaks the truest love song to you..

If there were something called a poem of love,
It would be this, written from my heart to yours…

Have you ever encountered an individual who does not attempt to impress you with extravagant words or elaborate gifts, but rather loves you with all their heart? It concerns an individual who is not particularly charming or outgoing but possesses a heart of gold. He doesn't crave attention but always provides a warm smile and a listening ear. He finds joy in the little things, like seeing you happy or just spending time together.
In a world that often values grand gestures and superficial charm, this guy symbolizes that love isn't about flashy appearances or temporary thrills. It means building a real connection based on trust, respect, and unwavering support in tough times. While it may not sparkle with excitement, this steadfast love serves as the anchor that binds everything together. Honesty, trust, and intimacy serve as the foundation for this love.

Love isn't just about fancy dates or expensive presents. It's about the everyday moments, the inside jokes, and the comfort of knowing someone's always got your back. It's about growing on each other and together. It's a calm and steadfast love that grows stronger over time. It's the kind of love that doesn't need to be loud or dramatic; it just is. It's genuine love, flawed yet profoundly beautiful.

So, when you meet someone who doesn't try to impress, remember that they could be the most exceptional lover you'll ever find.

Not everyone enjoys dating hard-working men. Accepting that a hardworking man may not always be present is essential when dating him. He is committed to the partnership, despite appearances. Instead, he gets up every morning and uses every opportunity to secure your future. He may act unconventionally. You must accept that there will be days when he's fatigued, barely able to shower or kiss before bed, only to resume the cycle the next morning. Value this man!

Though gruff, this man will adore you like never before. We applaud the dedicated men who work tirelessly for their families and achieve their lifelong goals while married to their dream woman! He will always treat you like his queen, empowering you. ❤

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Chapter-2 is out now..


Please feel free to comment and provide suggestions, if you have any.

Harshil 🙏

Hi All,
Chapter-2 of Celestial journey is out now: it voices out the first member of solar family: Mercury

"A Visit to the Super-Specials - 2" by Harshil Shah read free on Matrubharti

Please feel free to read and provide feedback, if you have.


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The Cosmic Dance of Science and Spirituality: From Nataraj to E=mc²

In the depths of human understanding, where the threads of science and spirituality intertwine, the cosmic dance of Nataraj, symbolizing the cyclical cycle of the universe, hides a deeper meaning. This dance, which symbolizes creation, sustenance and destruction, has a deep connection with the scientific discoveries of this time, especially with Einstein's great equation E=mc².

The essence of Nataraj's dance

Nataraj, the Tandav form of Lord Shiva, is not just a religious symbol; It is a symbol reflecting the soul of the universe. There is a balance between the forces of creation and destruction in this endless dance, reflecting the ever-changing nature of the universe. This dance is not of chaos, but of cosmic order or resonance, where every movement has meaning and significance.

E=mc²: Scientific Resonance of Cosmic Rhythm

Einstein's E=mc², the fundamental equation of modern physics, says that energy (Shakti) and matter (Shiva) can transform into each other. This principle reflects the fluidity and change in Nataraj's dance. Here, matter can be converted into energy and energy into matter, depending on everything from the life cycles of stars to the potential of nuclear energy. This equation is not just a scientific formula; It is a reflection of the universe's process of constant transformation—in a sense, a cosmic dance in itself.

Inert - Matter - Shiva |
Consciousness - Energy - Power |
E = mc2 |

Sanatan is Science 🕉️ 🔱

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First attempt in my mother tongue!

વિજ્ઞાન અને આધ્યાત્મિકતાનું બ્રહ્માંડીય નૃત્ય: નટરાજ થી E=mc² સુધી

માનવીય સમજના ઊંડાણમાં, જ્યાં વિજ્ઞાન અને આધ્યાત્મિકતાના તાંતણાઓ ગુંથાય છે, ત્યાં બ્રહ્માંડીય નૃત્યના નટરાજ, જે બ્રહ્માંડના ચક્રિય ચક્રનું પ્રતીક છે, એમાં ઊંડો અર્થ છુપાયો છે. આ નૃત્ય, જે સૃષ્ટિ, પાલન અને વિનાશનું પ્રતીક છે, આ સમયની વૈજ્ઞાનિક ખોજો સાથે ઊંડો સંબંધ ધરાવે છે, ખાસ કરીને આઇન્સ્ટાઇનના મહાન સમીકરણ E=mc² સાથે.

નટરાજના નૃત્યનું સાર

નટરાજ, ભગવાન શિવનું तांडव સ્વરૂપ, માત્ર ધાર્મિક પ્રતીક નથી; તે બ્રહ્માંડની આત્માને પ્રતિબિંબિત કરતું પ્રતીક છે. આ અનંત નૃત્યમાં સર્જન અને વિનાશની શક્તિઓ વચ્ચે સંતુલન છે, જે સતત બદલાતા બ્રહ્માંડની પ્રકૃતિને દર્શાવે છે. આ નૃત્ય અવ્યવસ્થાનું નથી, પરંતુ બ્રહ્માંડીય ક્રમનું છે, જ્યાં દરેક હલનચલનનો અર્થ અને મહત્વ છે.

E=mc²: બ્રહ્માંડીય તાલનું વૈજ્ઞાનિક પ્રતિધ્વનિ (પડઘો)

આઇન્સ્ટાઇનનું E=mc², આધુનિક ભૌતિકશાસ્ત્રનું મૂળભૂત સમીકરણ, કહે છે કે ઊર્જા (શક્તિ) અને પદાર્થ (શિવ) એકબીજામાં પરિવર્તિત થઈ શકે છે. આ સિદ્ધાંત નટરાજના નૃત્યમાં પ્રવાહીતા અને પરિવર્તનનું પ્રતિબિંબિત કરે છે. અહીં, પદાર્થને ઉર્જામાં અને ઉર્જાને પદાર્થમાં પરિવર્તિત કરી શકાય છે, જે તારાઓના જીવન ચક્રથી માંડીને પરમાણુ ઊર્જાની સંભાવનાઓ સુધી બધું આધાર રાખે છે. આ સમીકરણ માત્ર વૈજ્ઞાનિક સૂત્ર નથી; તે બ્રહ્માંડની નિરંતર પરિવર્તનની પ્રક્રિયાનું પ્રતિબિંબ છે - એક પ્રકારે તો તે પોતે જ એક બ્રહ્માંડીય નૃત્ય છે.

જડ - Matter - શિવ |
ચેતના - Energy - શકિત |
E = mc2 |

Sanatan is Science 🕉️ 🔱

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The overthinker's guide to icebreakers: a brutally honest manifesto

Yes, even overthinkers use dating apps, and the other day I was scrolling through them and moaned loudly at the first, "Hey, how are you?" I was astounded by how quickly we are suffocating in a sea of pointless politeness.

I am the type of individual who scrutinizes text messages, interrupts video calls, and may be overly analytical about your emoji selections. But this hyper-awareness has helped me come to a fresh insight: the fastest way to a real relationship is honesty, no matter how messy.

Please don't call me a cynic; I enjoy a good meme or playful chat just as much as the next person. But those are really more like appetizers than the major course. Good things they are. I search out talks that explore the core of who we are—the good, the horrible, and the just plain ugly.

This amount of honesty is not always appealing. I've been accused of being overly blunt and intense. (Okay, maybe I have been termed a "dick" once or twice.) But I'd rather be renowned for my sincerity than for wearing a carefully crafted mask.

I now think differently about relationships and love as well. I'm not embarrassed to say that I've battled commitment problems. That does not, however, preclude my ability to create real, deep relationships. I commit fully and for an extended period of time.

I hereby issue this challenge to those of you who are sick of flimsy exchanges and fellow overthinkers: resist the urge to SMS someone a generic "How's your day?" the next time. Share something authentic, instead. Maybe it's a passion project you're proud of, a fear you're battling, or just a declaration of how much you hate small talk (see, I told you I was honest!). Ultimately, your vulnerability and authenticity will be appreciated more than a generic message.

This does not require you to reveal your darkest secrets to every stranger you encounter. Begin small. Give an insight into your life, opinions, and eccentricities. Accept the discomfort that comes with being vulnerable. How fast that becomes relief, a common understanding, and maybe the beginning of a real relationship may astound you. The advantages of a real relationship outweigh the often frightening process of opening up.

Perhaps you will encourage someone else to give up the pointless discussion and accept the messy, amazing truth of who they are.

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