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આપ ચુંટણી જીતી ને સરકાર બનાવે એ વાતમાં કોઈ માલ નથી....સમય સમયની આ વાત છે.

Maharashtra table is still not steady . It can turn anytime and no wonder unhony can happen .

Nupur has been made issue delebarately by Maulanas and politicians like Owisi and others to provoke the community….

Main reasons are cases like Gnanvapi and others Mathura etc…..

Supreme Soach and remarks are other anger and interference in their cases …

Maharashtra politics taking new turn…. Back BJP…..Naturally it’s Lotus operation like Mp and Karnataka and other states …

Shivsainik if do not want to leave Shivsena should resign and join BJP . However I think they can form a separate group and later join BJP at their time .

Nothing wrong in merging with BJP and fight next election.

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Violence in Rajasthan and killing of a tailor is in no way accepted…

Gnanvapi hearing today in court…Shiva temple not masjid history says ….

Now Taj mahel to find out the truth . Petition filed to ope Taj’s 22 closed doors . I t says there is shivmandir under taj ….

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